Autumn Equinox Activities

♥ Pick up some home-grown vegetables from your local farmer’s market to make a yummy Mabon soup!

♥ Collect colourful fallen leaves on a nature walk and use them to decorate your altar. You can simply scatter them around, dip them in paraffin wax to make them last longer, or try a more timely craft.

♥ Make an offering at your favourite tree.

♥ Honour the birds and small animals around your home by filling a birdfeeder.

♥ Get your garden ready for winter by giving it one last tending. Remember to thank your plants for their abundance this year.

♥ Gather the seeds from your garden’s harvest and bless them for use in next year’s garden.

♥ Bring a basket on your nature walk and fill it with pine cones and the like to decorate your altar with.

♥ Choose a delicious, fruity wine to enjoy during your Mabon feast.

♥ Peruse your witchy library and decide on a subject to study during the colder months. A new form of divination, or perhaps meditation?

♥ Write a gratitude list in your BoS, journal, Facebook, or wherever you choose. Write down everything you’ve been thankful for over the past year.

♥ Share your abundance by donating food/clothes/books to a local charity, or simply baking a few too many cookies and sharing them with your neighbours.

♥ Make a list of your ‘harvest’ this year. Which projects have paid off and how many obstacles have you overcome?

Autumn Equinox blessings.


Magickal Reviews: The Witch’in Way subscription box. [July 2017]

I know, all I ever do is post reviews of my fav Pagan subscription box. 

The Witch’in Way is a Canadian Pagan shop that offers subscription boxes among many other witchy delights. I was lucky enough to nab one of their Lughnasadh boxes when it came up in the shop as a one-time purchase.

I purchased the box on July 3rd. I don’t really pay attention to my email so I don’t know when it was shipped, but it arrived on July 13th.

The box comes wrapped in nondescript brown paper and the box itself is plain, as well. I’m sure I’ve mentioned before that this is great for any closeted witches.

Opening the box!

First look 😍

This is a new addition since the last box I purchased in March~ a lovely business card!

One of the main reasons I went for this box was for the pentacle altar cloth! It’s about handkerchief-sized and I think I’ll add it to my Tarot bag for on-the-go readings.

Second look!

This scroll was so curled up that I decided not to fight with it for a photo 😂 It contains information on Lughnasadh and each of the items included in the box. These scrolls are always typed up in a lovely font with a few images. They make great additions to a Book of Shadows!

Two baggies of herbs~ yarrow and rosemary! These baggies are always very generous and can be used for all sorts of witchy workings.

You can pick your preferred smudge in these boxes. I chose cedar this time, which arrived with a charcoal disc to burn it on. The box also includes two discs in case you’d like to burn the herbs.

These boxes usually contain handmade items by the Witch’in Way team, which I like because they’re one of a kind! This ‘Sun Kissed Harvest’ candle is full of essential oils, herbs and chipstones that correspond to the Sabbat. Not only does it smell great, but the jar is pretty enough to simply display!

The second handmade item is this bottle of Lughnasadh incense. It smells amazing! It has frankincense resin to help it burn as well as several other herbs for the Sabbat.

How cute is this little offering bowl?! I’ll probably fill it with crystals, as usual.

The last item was this BEAUTIFUL gold tiger’s eye 😍😍😍

It took me forever to post this because I wanted to set up a Lughnasadh altar using my new goodies…alas, i never got around to it.



Magickal Reviews: The Witch’in Way subscription box. [March 2017]

I recently discovered The Witch’in Way thanks to my friend Mesha-chan. It’s a witchy shop located in Halifax, Nova Scotia that also offers a monthly subscription box! I followed their FB page and when they started posting teasers of what would be in their Ostara box, I knew I had to subscribe.

The one-month box was $38 and shipping was $14 to my home in Northwestern Ontario. It’s difficult for me to find a box that has affordable shipping so I was pretty excited! When you sign up on their website, there is a very brief questionnaire to answer regarding allergies, smudge preferences, and whether you’d prefer a discount or a surprise for your birthday! (I ordered my box a few days before my birthday.) I think they started shipping the first few days of March and I received my box by the 9th.

The box arrived wrapped in nondescript brown paper. The box itself was rather ordinary, as well, but I don’t mind because I reuse boxes for shipping to penpals. The plain packaging is good for anyone who might be in the closet.

First view! Everything was wrapped in yellow tissue paper with a little sticker sealing it.

Second view! The items were nestled safely on a bed of yellow paper confetti. The very first thing I noticed was a card addressed to me! It was a birthday card bearing best wishes from the Witch’in Way team. A very nice touch! (Of course, I had selected the ‘birthday surprise’ option.)

This little purple egg was one of the first items I pulled out.

Inside were a few rough amethysts! Not only is amethyst an Ostara gemstone, but it’s also my favourite. A little slip of paper explaining the stone’s properties was in the egg as well.

Charcoal discs~

A very generous baggy of heather (which I have never worked with before)…

and lady’s mantle! I would assume the charcoal discs are to be used if one would like to burn these herbs as incense. There’s more than enough to work into spell bottles and charm bags as well!

The box contained a two page scroll detailing the history of Ostara as well as the uses of each item in the box. This scroll is excellent quality with loads of information that will benefit newbies and old witches alike. I placed it into my BoS to reference from time to time.

A soy egg-shaped candle made by the Witch’in Way! This candle is adorable and well-made. The scroll contained instructions for safely positioning and lighting the candle.

I chose palo santo as my preferred smudge and received this lovely piece. (If you’d like to use smoke for cleansing but can’t stand sage, I highly recommend palo santo!)

This is the item that convinced me to buy the Ostara box 😍 A mini Ostara besom handmade by the team! The decorations are carefully fixed to the besom and aren’t loose at all. I have never had a besom (I know, bad witch) and I’m so happy to have one that will last for many more Ostaras to come!

Everything in the box was carefully wrapped in tissue paper. I thought the egg sticker on this one was too cute!

Inside was this lovely Ostara hare decoration, also created by the team. It is SO pretty and very well-made. If you can see, it has little witchy charms dangling from it!

This mini spiral wind chime was the last of the Ostara items, representing the the universal pattern of growth and bells to awaken the Earth. I collect windchimes so I need to find a place for this one to hang.

What’s this? My birthday surprise?! I love the wee bow!

One of the items inside was this yummy-smelling lavender jar candle! It’s a generous size and looks beautiful just sitting on my altar.

The second item was this beautiful triple moon pentacle (also referred to as triple goddess). How did the Witch’in Way team know I was looking for a pentacle like this? It’s very sturdy and a beautiful addition to my pentacle necklaces.

I’m the kind of witch who still has last Mabon’s Indian corn and Samhain 2015’s witch’s talisman on my altar. BUT WHATEVER 😂 I added the hare and besom on the wall behind my altar, and the wind chime is hanging (for now) from my owl mug holder with last year’s pussywillow.

As mentioned, I’m not one to dismantle my altar and create a whole new one for each Sabbat. But I pulled out a few new pieces for a bit of a Spring Equinox feel; namely my glass bunnies which were old Easter gifts my sister and I received well over fifteen years ago, and a set of glass owl-shaped candle holders that my sister gifted me this weekend.

loved this box thanks to the affordability and great quality. I like that most of the items were created by the Witch’in Way and can’t just be purchased at your local metaphysical store like the usual chime candles one would see in a witchy subscription box. You could purchase some of these items from the Witch’in Way’s shop but it’s a better deal to get the box.

The scroll, as mentioned, contained great information for all witches no matter how long they’ve been studying. All of the items make lovely additions to my collection of witchy items that I’ve been building for the last fourteen years.

All the items were carefully packaged to avoid damage. The birthday surprise was very generous and I’m so grateful!

The Witch’in Way subscription box would be an excellent choice for any witch; whether they’re just starting out or they’re looking for unique altar decor and spellcraft tools. It is very affordable considering the number of items and high quality! I’m already planning on subscribing for a few more months at least.



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